Sondheim on Sondheim Cast List

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We’d like to announce the cast of our next production, Sondheim on Sondheim!! We had a great turnout and we are excited to share our talents with you all! 

– Abby Rishel-Barnett (Bethany College Student)
– Bill Olson
– Caleb Hildebrand (Bethany College Student)
– Carla Aguilar (Bethany College Student)
– Eric Johnson
– Jeanne Lucas
– Josh Hall
– Julie Holk
– Kalyn Powers (Bethany College Student)
– Lauren Gragg (Bethany College Student)
– Madison Price (Bethany College Student)
– Melanie Schallock
– Molly Johnson
– Mya Herrera (Bethany College Student)
– Tom Nelson
– Tyler Johnson


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